Work no.13 (2007)

1. Work no.13 2. Work no. 13 (Installation

Work no 13, 2007
Framed double sided drawing on graph paper

Installation detail: All Colours Black (Next to Nothing), 2007
Ashford Gallery, R.H.A., Dublin
With; Brendan Earley, Clodagh Emoe, Mark Gary and Lee Welsh.
Curated by Mark St. John Ellis

The National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, Limerick City Gallery


Work no.2 – Work no.6.9. featured in the three person show Come Together, June- August 2007, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin,

Work no.13 featured in the group exhibition, All Colours Black (Next to Nothing), August 2007, RHA Gallery, Dublin.

The drawings that I have been working (re. Work no.2 – Work no.6.9) on are inherently dualistic in their nature. Beginning from the agreeable structured zone of the grid seems to make sense, I am aware of the limits- the marks seem contained. However, these drawings have developed from previous works as the marks become less determined and more intuitive. This process results in uncertainty- at what point is the final mark made and with this in mind, is the work ever complete? I would say that these works are never complete, in fact the frames containing these drawings could correlate to the rupture following the final comma in the text of Mount Analogue, (an unfinished book by René Daumal published in 1952). Like to comma, the frames protecting these drawings do not denote a fixed and rigid end, but instead capture the time when the marks have ceased. Some may describe the drawings as unresolved and well they may. This uncertainty is fundamental to my practice and is an instigating factor for these explorative activities. With this open ended approach possibilities arise. Andrey Tarkovsky acknowledges the significance of ambiguity in his discurssive text, Sculpting in Time: “It is hard to imagine that a concept like “artistic image” could ever be expressed in a precise thesis – easily formulated and understandable. It is not possible, nor would one wish it to be so. I am only saying that the image stretches out into infinity and leads to the absolute”
Clodagh Emoe in conversation with Barry White

3. Come Together Installation

Installation detail: Come Together 2007
Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
With; Nina Canell, Clodagh Emoe, Linda Quinnlan.

Emoe 021

Work no 02 (The Transient Communion), 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 002

Work no 03, 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 011

Work no 04, 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 008
Work no o4x, 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 015
Work no 6.9, 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 018
Work no 07, 2007
Drawing on graph paper

Emoe 005
Work no 11, 2007
Drawing on graph paper