We Are and Are Not, 2015

“If you are taught how to observe, you cease to observe. Then you have merely the technique of observation, which prevents you from actually seeing.”
Ojai 3rd Public Talk 5th November 1966

We Are and Are Not, has been specially commissioned by The Model, Home of the Niland Collection, Sligo. We Are and Are Not, (2015) responds to the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti outlined in his public lecture “Observing Ourselves”. This film installation (filmed in the gallery) blurs the distinction between the performer and the viewer, the self and the other.

smallerbluecolour_e-vite WE Are and Are Not

We Are and Are Not also includes a site-specific participatory work that will be enacted at an undisclosed location in County Sligo on Sunday the 30th August as the closing event for Psychic Lighthouse.

Psychic Lighthouse, June 2015-August 2015
Clodagh Emoe, Joachim Koester, Maria Loboda, Goshka Macuga, Susan MacWilliam, Deirdre McKenna, Stephen Rennicks.
Curated by Emer McGarry