The Things We See

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The Things We See, 2014
7 min. audio loop

Clodagh Emoe in collaboration with Chang Wen Hsan
Developed and created at TNUA (Taipei National University of the Arts) for Aesthetics Jam, Taipei Biennial, 2014

A list of seventy objects is compiled by Clodagh Emoe in English.
A list of seventy objects is compiled by Chang Wen Hsan in Chinese.
A computerized voice reads the list compiled by Emoe in english and the list compiled by Wen Hsan in chinese (with a Taiwanese accent)



The audio is transmitted through two large speakers.
These speakers are situated to the left and right hand side of a stool and are positioned at head height.
An eye cover is left on the stool to be used by the “viewer”.

“Performing Philosophy in a Non-Philosophical Way”, Experimental Aesthetics, ed. Henk Slager, Metroplis M, The Netherlands, 2014

Download Experimental Aesthetics (PDF)


Download Video (AVI) 8MB