The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time

Clodagh Emoe in collaboration with Crocosmia

To represent is the act of rendering something in visible or tangible form, be it a painting, a protest, an idea or declaration. Representation is crucial to our identity and our place in society in the way that it informs our being in the world and how we participate in the community.

The Plurality of Existence… explores representation from the unique perspective of those who are not represented in, or by, the legislative, cultural and political frameworks within our society. This project engages with cultural diversity, inclusion and the rights of the individual, through collaboration with individuals seeking asylum, living in Ireland.

Crocosmia[1] is a group of individuals that were formed through a weekly gardening group in Spirasi, Dublin in August 2015. Spirasi is a humanitarian, intercultural, non-governmental organisation that works with individuals seeking asylum, living in Ireland, refugees and other disadvantaged migrant groups. They are; Sinisa Koncic, Annet Mphahlele, Marie Claire Mundi Njong, Jean Marie Rukundo Phillemon, Peter rukundo and Saida Umer.

The title of this project references the philosopher Jacques Rancière’s reflections on Eternity by the Stars, (1872) an opuscule that Auguste Blanqui wrote when imprisoned for his role in the demonstration of 31 October 1870, and for his apparent responsibility for the Paris Commune.[2] This utopian text embraces difference, proposing that the organization of society be based according to the laws of the natural world, as opposed to any sort of imposed political regime.

A series of site-specific audio installations created for the River Barrow, Carlow, the River Lee, Cork, the River Liffey, Dublin and Claddagh Bay, Galway seeks to offer a thought provoking meditation on representation, equality and community by presenting voices of those who are not represented, on a political, cultural or social level. Revealing both shared and different realities presents an alternate reading of community centered on the relations that are formed across categories of nation, race and culture.

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Sinisa Koncic – Vokovar, Hrvatska (Vokovar, Croatia) 2016/ Nedelijni Ručak, Zagrebu, Hrvatska (Sunday Lunch, Zagreb, Croatia) 2016


Annet Mphahlele, Buyikwe Uganda, Part I, II & III, 2016


Marie Claire Mundi Njong – Funeral Ceremony, Cameroon, 2016

Marie Claire Mundi Njong – Wedding Ceremony, Cameroon, 2016


Saida Umer – Monsoon, Pakistan 2016/ Bhalwal, Pakistan, 2016


Jean Marrie Rukundo Phillemon – Inkambia ya Gitare, Tanzania, (Gitale Refugee Camp, Tanzania) 2016/ Umwana Wintambara (War Child) 2016

Dates of Transmission:

The Barrow River, (In front of The Robert Quinn Waterfront Buildings), Carlow
10 – 19 June |11am – 6pm | Late night’s 16- 19 8pm
Supported by the Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award, Carlow Arts Festival, VISUAL and Carlow Co Council Arts
With special thanks to Carlow Sub Aqua Club and Robert Quinn

June 12th – A walking tour to the River Barrow led by Crocosmia
Departing from An Gairdín Beo, Old Dublin Rd, Carlow, 3.15pm

The River Lee, Shandon Bridge, Cork
17 – 26 June
Supported by the Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award, National Sculpture Factory, Cork Mid-Summer Festival, Cork City Council Arts Office.
With special thanks to Myo Café

June 18th – Create Debate, Navigating Difference
Venue: Nasc Immigrant Support Centre, Ferry Lane 2pm followed by a walking tour to Shandon Bridge led by Crocosmia and an informal talk at Myo café 6pm

The River Liffey, The Boardwalk, Bachelors Walk, Dublin
2 July – 17 July
Supported by the Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award  and Dublin City Council Community and Neighbourhood Award
With special thanks to Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Terry Flanagan, AAL Ltd. and  Liffey River Cruise

Public Launch,
Rooftop of Temple Bar Gallery and Studios
Saturday 2 July at 2pm

The Fisheries Tower Bridge, Claddagh Bay, Galway
10 – 24 July
Supported by the Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award, Galway Arts Centre, Galway City Council Arts Office

Public Launch,
Galway Arts Centre
Saturday 10 July at 3pm

Texts that inform this installation are currently on exhibition in the galleries at VISUAL, Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow
June- September 2016

1aGitale Refugee Camp

Gitale Refugee Camp, Tanzania Jean Marrie Rukundo Phillemon

1b Inkabi ya Gitare

Inkambia ya Gitare, Tanzania Jean Marrie Rukundo Phillemon

2aWar Child

War Child Jean Marrie Rukundo Phillemon

2bUmwana Wintambara

Umwana Wintambara Jean Marrie Rukundo Phillemon

3a Monsoon Bhalwal, Pakistan

Monsoon, Bhalwal, Pakistan, Saida Umer

3b Monsoon, Bhalwal

Monsoon, Bhalwal, Pakistan, Saida Umer

4aBhalwal, Pakistan

Bhalwal, Pakistan, Saida Umer

4bUrdu, Bhalwal, Pakistan

Bhalwal, Pakistan, Saida Umer

5aVokovar Croatia

Vokovar, Croatia, Sinisa Koncic

5bVokovar Hrvatska

Vokovar, Hrvatska, Sinisa Koncic

6a Sunday Lunch, Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Sunday Lunch, Zagreb, Croatia, Sinisa Koncic

6b Nedeljni rucak, Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Nedelijni Ručak, Zagrebu, Hrvatska, Sinisa Koncic

7a Uganda PI

Buyikwe, Uganda, Part I

7b Uganda PII

Buyikwe, Uganda, Part II

7c Uganda PIII

Buyikwe, Uganda, Part III, Annet Mphahlele

8 Funeral

Funeral Ceremony, Cameroon, Marie Claire Mundi Njong

Additional Activities:

August 2015 – Present, Weekly gardening group, Spirasi, 213 North Circular Rd. Dublin

April 2016 The Plurality of Existence… Conflict, Migration and Identity in Modern Ireland: Global and Transnational Perspectives, Trinity College Dublin, Carlow College and VISUAL, Centre for Contemporary Art

June 2016 Create Debate, Navigating Difference, NASC, Cork

A publication will be launched in Autumn 2016.




[1] A crocosmia is a root bulb of the Montbretia, a wild flower that is commonly found growing in Ireland, is native to the grasslands of southern and eastern Africa. The groups name is derived from this bulb that was found in the grounds of Spirasi during a weekly gardening session.

[2]“Only the plurality of existences in the infinite expanse of time and space measures up to the demands of the progress of bodies and souls, of individuals and collectives”.  Jacques Rancière, “The Radical Gap, A preface to Auguste Blanqui, Eternity by the Stars”, Radical Philosophy, Issue 185, May/June 2014.