Proposition 7

image 1 Proposition 7_2013

Proposition 7, 2013
Changdong Artists’ Residency, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.


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BEFORE: Invitation

DURING:  Museum – BLUE FILTER – Blue clear vinyl affixed on all windows and glass doors/blue gel affixed onto lights. Miss Lim stands at the entrance of the gallery at the end of the corridor and stamps a white circular pattern onto visitor’s hand before they enter through the curtain into a large darkened gallery.

1 x table
1 x reading lamp
1 x Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Luddwig Wittgenstein, (Korean translation)
The book is open and the reading lamp is directed on Proposition 7.

AFTER: As the eyes adjust to see the world outside saturated in a peach coloured hue (similar to the “magic hour” at dusk). A white circular pattern is printed on the ground outside of the museum.

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