Point of No Return II

Beyond the Country

image 1Point of no Return 2007

Point of No Return II, 2007
Paper, panel pins, fan, dead tree
Beyond The Country, 2007
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC, Cork

Beyond the Country presented historic and contemporary artistic representations of the land. The sometimes contradictory depictions included perceptions of the sublime in landscape, as well as observations of narrative, mythical, environmental or social aspects of rural life. While the countryside is often described in opposition to the city, this exhibition challenged that division by presenting perspectives that dissolve any clear separation between the two.

With; Bas Jan Ader, John Bock, Stephen Brandes, Nina Canell, Hugh Charde, Adam Chodzko, David Claerbout, Clodagh Emoe, Patrick Feehan, Cyprian Gaillard, Marine Hugonnier, Paul Henry, James Ireland, Sven Johne, Joseph Malachy Kavanagh, William Magrath, Dara McGrath, Frank McKelvey, David Muirhead, William Mulready, Dermot O’Brien, Olaf Quantius, Rachel Reupke, Xavier Ribas, Daniel Roth, George Russell, Walter Westley Russell, Johan Thurfjell, Richard T Walker, Richard Wilson.

Curated by Matt Packer and René Zechlin.

Sincerest thanks to Jan Verwoert for his insightful reflections of Bas Jan Ader’s final artwork In Search of the Miraculous and to John Landy and Dave Flynn of Coillte Ireland.