1 Parodos_emoe

Parodos, (2007)
HD Video projection 7’ with sound
Dimensions variable.

Parodos was specifically commissioned by Project Arts Centre for the solo-show show, Cult of Engagement, 2009, which engages with the dramatic tradition of Tragedy. Parodos is the term used for the entrance song of the chorus introducing the event that is about to take place. The processional chorus in Emoe’s film is, however, silent – an absence suggesting the role of the viewer within this dynamic to imagine what unfolds. Parodos is part of IMMA’s Permanent Collection.

Cinematographer: Kate McCullough,
Grip: Ian McGurrell
Sound: Karl Burke,
Editor: John Travers & Clodagh Emoe,
Production co-ordinator: Mary Cremin

Parodos was presented with Neil Jordan’s, Not I, in IMMA in 2013. Emoe works within this transitional area of the building to create an atmospheric installation where sight, sound and heady scent combine. The term liminality plays a significant part in informing Emoe’s work. Liminality is derived from the Latin limen, meaning threshold, and foregrounds some kind of departure or crossing over of boundaries. Liminality is understood in ritual theory as a temporary symbolic suspension of normative structures that become mobilised through staging and forms of gathering/collective assembly. Emoe seeks to evoke a similar ‘threshold’ state in her work by using strategies associated with ritual. In aligning the space of art with the symbolic realm of ritual, Emoe’s works seeks to prompt a consideration of art as a moment of encounter that like ritual can potentialise new forms of thought and experience.

Parodos was also exhibited:
The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2013.
Tapping the Third Realm, Ben Maltz, Otis Gallery, LA, USA, 2013.