1 Doppio

Doppio, (2007)
Dimensions variable.

Doppio was made specifically for the three-person show, Come Together, 2007, Douglags Hyde Gallery, Dublin. This work is a direct response to Alighiero  e Boetti’s double-portrait I Gemelli , begun in 1968 and published as a postcard in 1977. Boetti’s work was typified by his notion of ‘twinning’, leading him to add ‘e’ (and) between his names in 1973 ‘stimulating a dialectic exchange between these two selves’. By renaming himself as a dual persona Alighiero e Boetti (“Alighiero and Boetti”) reflecting the opposing factors presented in his work: the individual and society, error and perfection, order and disorder. Already in his double-portrait I Gemelli begun in 1968 and published as a postcard, Boetti had altered photographs so that he appeared to be holding the hand of his identical twin. Doppio features the artist and childhood friend (coincidently, of Italian extraction) in the Dublin Mountains beside an uprooted tree.

Come Together, (2007)
Douglas Hyde Gallery
With; Nina Cannell, Clodagh Emoe, Linda Quinlan
Curated by Barry White
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The Approach, (2008)
Mart House, Amsterdam

Image 1 Catalyst Arts O U T _ Y U O poster

OUT|TUO, (2013)
Catalyst Arts, Belfast
With; Clodagh Emoe, Erin Doherty, Helena Hamilton, Niall de Buitléar, painting, Peter Marley.
Curated by Catriona Sheena Smyth


A special “lecture”, Psychic Sleep and Collective Thought was presented in the gallery on 31st January 2013. This “lecture” was delivered by Viki, the voice to speech application on a laptop. Extract below:

Now are we all seated – – – – good

–  – – It is time to begin.

Firstly – – – I would like to give you insight into how we are going to spend the next twenty minutes – – –

Through this lecture we will explore ways  to  move beyond  the parameters of the ego – – –  – –  -However I do not particularly want to carry out this exploration through  – theory –  –  –  I’m not so sharp on theory.  — – I thought it more appropriate to explore this   – –  on an experiential level  –  – through modes of perception  – – –

To do this  we are all going to perform psychic sleep together – – –  – – -Do -you  know what psychic sleep is?   – – – Psychic sleep is not regular sleep – – it is a specific process that  -is used to prepare mentally and physically  prior to seeking sublime levels of consciousness and awareness.   – These are   psychological states not constituted by sleeping and dream work.

– – I anticipate if we try this –  together,  we may attain  such sublime levels of thought.

But  – you must follow my instructions – each of you – – Together  –

– concentrate on my voice and on my instructions throughout this short period of time.

– each of you – – together –  -.