Blackboard (2007)

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Blackboard, 2005

Graphite on paper, wood-frame and shelf
8 ft x 4 ft

“The most beautiful work is probably by Clodagh Emoe, who shows a series of linked drawings which share a sense of wonder at the scale and extent of the physical world, together with an underlying doubt as to whether we can ever really grasp the nature of that world. Her Blackboard is just that, except that its surface consists of a huge expanse of lustrous graphite. It’s terrific in itself, and it encapsulates the idea of making the imaginative leap from the confines of the classroom to infinity.”
Aidan Dunne, Irish Times, 2005

Superbia II, 2005
St. Columbus College, Cork
With; Clodagh Emoe, Brian Griffiths, Finola Jones, David Kavanagh, Kevin Kelly, Isabel Nolan, Linda Quinlan, Antonio Scarponi and David Thorpe.
Curated by Stephen Brandes and Darragh Hogan

Clutching at Straws, 2006
Project Room, IMMA, Dublin
With Anna Barham, Clodagh Emoe and Nevin le Harte

Must Go On, 2015
Rua Red, Dublin
With; Peter Land, Sonia Shiel, Clodagh Emoe, Anita Delaney, Felicity Clear, Ella de Burca and Nicholas Keogh.
Curated by Clíondhna Shaffrey and Ruairí Ó Cuív

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Special thanks to the RHA for the use of the drawing studio.