An Exercise in Seeing


An Exercise in Seeing, 2013 is a site-specific work enacted within the curatorial project I Won’t Say That I’ll See You Tomorrow, a series of events and exhibitions centred on the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein’s writings on society and the limits of language, our perception of objects, how we imagine objects in an art context, belief and mysticism form the basis of this project.

By invoking Wittgenstein in Redcross Forest, a place where he took his morning walk, this exercise seeks to initiate forms of collective imagining to explore what Wittgenstein describes as mystical, the “things that cannot be put into words” but are made manifest. (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus 6.522). An Exercise in Seeing.

I Won’t Say That I’ll See You Tomorrow, Redcross Forest, Co. Wicklow.

With; Markus Bogensburger (Aus), Karl Burke (Irl),  Clodagh Emoe (Irl), Bernhard Fuchs (Aus), Olav Christopher Jenssen (No),  James O’Haodha (Irl), Joseph Noonan Ganley (Irl),  Mark Swords (Irl).

Curated by Aoife Tunney.